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"Queen of Clean" Linda Cobb discusses the benefits of BoAir Electrostatic Air Filters with an air conditioning professional.
What’s Wrong With My Disposable Filters?
Did you know that oftentimes the air inside our homes and offices is more polluted than the outdoor air?
This is due to a number of factors such as airborne allergens, molds and other pollutants. The standard disposable air filters we are accustomed to using are simply not capable of trapping these small particles.
Over time, this leads to a build up of molds, spores and fungi within the HVAC system itself. Then whenever the system runs, it broadcasts these tiny particles into every room of your home or office, and ultimately into your lungs.
Most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, therefore breathing clean indoor air can have an important impact on health. (American Lung Association)
Beneficial to the elderly and young children.
Healthy indoor air
Beneficial to pet owners and allergy sufferers.
Why BoAir Electrostatic Filters?
BoAir Electrostatic Air Filters are "drop-in" replacements for existing disposable filters and are up to 25 times more effective, which means they will be able to trap those particles before they can make their home in your ducts. BoAir filters also contain a special anti-microbial agent designed to limit and control airborne bacteria, germs and fungi as well as reduce odors.
Best of all, BoAir filters are permanent and washable, and come backed by a Lifetime Warranty (10 years in commercial applications). That means no more disposable filters. Ever.